From Alfacal we introduce in the Argentine market the concept of mega bales: alfalfa bales characterized for being big-sized, which optimizes its storage, transportation and use.

Thanks to its 20 years of experience, continuous innovation and flawless logistics, and with the experience of sending our products to each corner of Argentina, we begin a path in the world of exports.

Being a company with a team of professionals trained in and focused on customer service, we ensure our capacity of exporting company, along with last-generation technology, a plant with complete infrastructure and the excellent quality of our products.


Thanks to our continuous research and innovation processes, we are installing a new compacter for mega bales of 800.


We produce 55,000 tons, from which around 30,000 have exportation qualities. Our productive capacity and a strong policy of pre-farming and after-sales services make us an exporting company.


With our own land transportation fleet, we carry out a careful follow-up of the product, and we also do this in sea transportation: