We are a company from Cordoba devoted to the production and commercialization of alfalfa and by-products for the agricultural and livestock sector, committed to the economic development of the region.

We have more than 20 years of experience, and a plant with storage capacity for 15,000 mega bales.

We are leader in the Argentine Republic in the production of alfalfa in non-irrigated land and with natural drying. Our team of technical professionals and experienced staff is trained in all the processes, from reaping to packing. The continuous progress in quality, presentation, services and productive capacity have made us, with the inclusion of new and sophisticated equipment and facilities, have today a great production capacity for both, domestic market and exportation.


To provide our clients with the best solution in cattle feeding, creating solid relationships with each of them, based on trust and the quality of the product offered.


Development of an alternative agricultural product, contributing to the economic sustainable growth and the preservation of the environment. “Dedication, determination, work and commitment are our main foundations”.


· Gustavo A. Dealbera:
President of the corporation. Leading investor and producer in the production of mega bales, responsible for the internal commercialization. Investors management.

· Daniel A. Dealbera:
Coordination of field tasks, staff and machinery.

· Gabriel A. Olocco:
Founding partner. Agricultural Engineer, graduated from the National University of Cordoba. Investor. Responsible for administrative and social functions, and investor management. Awarded in two consecutive years in Mercoláctea for the quality of mega bales.

· Fabián M. Russo:
Founding partner. Agricultural engineer, graduated from the National University of Cordoba, producer and investor. Responsible for the contractual, social and investor relationships. Responsible for attracting new businesses.

· Oscar J. Carreras:
Founding partner. Producer and investor. Ministry of Agriculture and Renewable Resources of the Province of Cordoba. Period 1992-1995. President of Sancor Coop. Ltda. Periods 1989; 2005/08; 2011/14. Responsible for the relationship with private companies and state organizations.


The agricultural activities in Argentina can offer the investor excellent profit levels, according to its risk level. Alfalfa farming presents a continuous and secure profit cycle due to the few risks that it poses.

Why investing in the production of alfalfa?
Because it is much more stable in front of climatic variations, it is more profitable in pesos, its price is regular, it can be planted in lower-quality fields, and there is an unmet demand at the world level, among other reasons.

Our investment proposal
After working for more than 20 years as a de facto business association, since 2012 strategic partners mobilized to develop a Strategic Plan of Production (Plan Estratégico de Producción, PEP) were incorporated to Alfacal: Alfacal Trusteeship I (Fideicomiso Alfacal I). This is an investment system that includes the cultivation of alfalfa in order to commercialize mega compacted high-density bales, loading more weight per volume reducing noticeably costs and commercialization.