In Alfacal we produce mega bales of alfalfa of 480 to 500 kg., of different world-class quality levels: Supreme, Premium, Good (Traditional 1st in the Argentine market), Fair (Traditional 2nd in the Argentine market) and Utility (Traditional 3rd in the Argentine market). Our productive capacity is 55,000 tons, from which 30,000 are exported in its different qualities.


The productive capacity that we work with is 3,000 hectares of our own and hired land, more than 2,000 hectares through Alfacal Trusteeship association system.
• Our commercialization capacity achieves 140,000 annual tons.
• We have great storage capacity for 15,000 mega bales in a covered 8,000 m2 structure distributed in a main warehouse and secondary warehouses.


Our professionals are continuously researching and developing new tools and techniques that look for revolutionizing the mega bales in Argentina and the world.
We work to achieve the stability of the product in the process of reaping, seasoning and subsequent application in diets.
We carry out tests on sowing systems and practices.
We implement agreements with universities and official research entities.


We are installing a new press system to obtain mega bales of 800 kg. with the same volume.
By optimizing space in containers, this important incorporation represents advantages such as:
• Higher storage capacity
• Lower logistic cost
• Higher management practicality


Based on thorough analysis of proteins and loyal to a vision marked by the development of an alternative agricultural, sustainable and environmentally-friendly crop, we develop qualities of the product applicable to different diets, according to the kind of production of our clients. Thus, we work covering different markets:


• Raw material warehouse.
• Warehouse for processed materials.
• Seasoning for container load.
• Weighbridge scale
• Free zone for customs (in progress)


The company continuously invests in new tools and to incorporate new technologies.
Then, we have:
• Last generation harvesters.
• Our own balers.
• Compacters.
• Loading


By having our own land transportation 24/7 available, we can reduce transportation times and costs. We carry out a careful follow-up of the product: